Monday, 31 May 2010

Dennis Hopper was a terrifying man. But that's why we loved him.

A lot of things in David Lynch movies have freaked me out. The man does freaky and unnerving better than anyone else. When I watched Blue Velvet however, Dennis Hopper cranked things up a notch. He took David Lynch's blueprint and created and embodied a monster. And it was terrifying. But that is what Dennis Hopper did better than anyone else. In many ways Lynch and Hopper were a perfect marriage; demented, strange and, sometimes, just plain scary.

Even though we knew it was coming, the news of Dennis Hopper's death brings with it the shock of knowing we will never again see him devouring the scenery and upstaging every other actor in a film. He rivals Alan Rickman for the ultimate movie villain and always delivered with style and intensity. Sure he was in a few duds, but even in films such as Waterworld he emerged, eye-patch and all, with dignity.

He may have become typecast in his post-Blue Velvet career but there's one thing that's been consistent throughout his career; he has always been a brilliant actor. From his early work with James Dean to writing, directing and starring in the classic Easy Rider, Hopper has always displayed his talent. He was a true maverick; hard living and difficult to work with but producing the goods to keep him at the peak of the business. Hopper was the kind of strong and intense character that is all too rare in Hollywood these days. He will be missed.

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